Classic Sports Car Magazine Citroen Saloon Photoshoot

Paris Autos spends a day in the Peak District with Classic & Sports Car Magazine

Paris Autos was proud to collaborate with Classic & Sports Car in a photo shoot for its article by Sam Dawson in July 2010 “They Came from Outer Space - Citroen’s genius Saloons: DS meets CX, XM and C6″.

Classic Sports Car Magazine Sam Dawson Citroen saloon article July 2010 - cover

In the article, they said “A big Citroen, on the other hand, is like sinking into a favourite armchair for a deep and meaningful conversation with a philosophically inclined friend”. What a lovely way with words – the Paris Autos team could not have put it better themselves!

Sam Dawson went on to say “what’s most satisfying about this quartet of Citroen saloons is their intellectual appeal, their demand that you get to know the car’s unique engineering ethos”.

Paris Autos supplied the XM for Sam Dawson’s article on four generations of Citroen big saloons: the DS, CX, XM and C6. The photo shoot took place at a beautiful location near Leek. A delightful experience for any Citroen enthusiasts, much enjoyed by the Paris Autos team!